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Sue Read

Inspired by moving skies and the various moods of the sea, Sue paints the coast of her native North Cornwall. Often found walking the beaches and coastline and swimming, or beachcombing after storms, she had a real affinity with her surroundings which shows in her work. Working en plein air or in her studio, the elements in motion are a theme which runs through her work

Using acrylic washes overlayed with heavier vibrant colour in acrylic and oil, Sue works until reaching the desired effect often in a very hands on way. Whether painting a seascape or a tangled cornish hedge the three things that remain constant are Atmosphere, Light and Energy.

She has exhibited in mixed and solo shows, likes to spontaneously pop up in unusual places and is a participant of the annual Cruel and Curious Sea Show and her Art Prints have been used in some very high end interior design projects for Jill Stein of Padstow.