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Val Uglow

Val lives and works in the beautiful South Hams in Devon. Originally she taught art in various London schools specialising in textiles. After having children she retrained as a garden designer and ran her own practice for 20 years.

Now she is able to concentrate on mixed media paintings which are based on two main themesThe first is aged surfaces with rich patinas and strong underlying structures that result in abstracted composite works. The second is the land and sea surrounding her, as well as certain locations such as Royal William Yard.

The magnificence of Royal William Yard is a rich source of ideas and information, which are then distilled and combined. The ageing process from its naval basis provide constant points of reference for her.

Details of the beautiful encrusted metal structures and panels are interpreted. She uses metals, for example iron powder which is then adhered to the substrate and salt water is sprayed on to create the rust itself which is then sealed.

Marble dust and natural coloured sand provide additional varied textural elements. Some sand she collected from quarries near Roussilon, the pigments of which Van Gogh used.