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Jon Dunster

I studied art in West Sussex and Sunderland, obtaining an Honours Degree in 1988 My paintings are a continuation of a tradition of abstract art developed in response to landscapes. In my own search I try to interpret, from my own standpoint, my society’s feeling of empathy for environment through prominent features that suggest the continuity of landscape beneath industrialised agriculture or that epitomize the reverence for monumental vestiges of wilderness. The sometimes formal development of images, sometimes intuitive, usually begins with colour and linear sketches drawn on the spot or from memory. The paintings retain echoes of landscape space in the deployment of shape and colour, whilst becoming increasingly defined by the physical surface of paint: the handling and mark-making. I freely adapt the range, depth and contrast of colours and repeatedly rework whole areas of the painting in response to the shapes suggested. By blending and adjusting colours on the canvas, the handling of this surface creates paintings that feature both spontaneous and conserved elements.