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Andrew Macphereson

Andrew McPherson was born in the UK in 1961 and lives with his family in the Lake District. He studied at the Manchester School of Art and after running a greeting card business and designing several award winning ranges he became a professional artist 10 years ago.

His unique style has evolved and continues an ethos first practised by the American Abstract expressionist of the 60's. The immediacy and vitality of expressive movement in the execution of the works attempted to communicate a subconscious emotive language unique to this style.
His work reflects an optimism and love of colour which affects a genuine lift in the viewer, an artistic foil to today's woes.

'My work is best described by an analogy to music; I try to create a symphony of colour where movement, contrast and form are suspended at the edge of chaos by the process. To me the visual aesthetic cannot be rationalised but can communicate to an artistic understanding shared by each generation.'