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Neil Buchanan

Every week, for an incredible 17 years, six million young people and their parents tuned into Art Attack on ITV and joined Neil Buchanan’s invitation to... “Try it yourself!” Neil Buchanan doodled, drew and painted his way through thousands of creative art ideas on Art Attack and enthralled his fans with hundreds of his highly original Big Art epics.
My proudest moment was when Art Attack won the first two BAFTA's
Art Attack turned into one of ITV’s longest running shows. Indeed, Neil Buchanan came up with the amazing, inspirational ideas and content for 500 episodes of Art Attack, which have been aired in more than 30 countries. Art Attack became a global phenomenon and the multi-award winning show was one of the most internationally decorated programmes in TV history winning two BAFTA's.
I was lucky enough to meet Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II