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Koen Wilkinson

Koen Martin Wilkinson

Born 1994, based in Holland.

A young self taught Dutch artist with many talents, with music being his second passion. Currently still working full time as a Telecom Engineer but with an eager desire to quit soon.

His work uses free brushwork and the natural flow and dripping paint explore the quality of the medium to create a direct dialogue with the viewer. Each individual sees something different from various angles. Encouraging the viewer to think and absorb the art in front of them.

Taking much inspiration from fellow Dutch artist Wilfred (originally from Shanghai), a huge similarity can be observed in flow and use of colour. His style is similar to other Far East artist, which he used as a teaching aid to himself. He also signed his name similar to work he studied on the internet in the hope that he would gain instant sales & sell more work. However this was not the case as he realised that these rainbow coloured art was original works produced in the manner of another Wilkinson by totally different artist.

His work does tend to stand out from the crowd as his colours are a lot more subtle and more detail than the original works that inspired him.

His new works are now only being monogrammed by ‘W’ to avoid this confusion.