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Peter Wileman

Peter Wileman is the President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters along with being an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Peter Wileman’s great talent is painting light in his bold and vigorous style which has made his original paintings sought after and collected across the globe.

Born in 1946 in Middlesex, Peter Wileman’s first job was as a studio junior for a card company, where his innate artistic talent was recognised. Here he spent five years studying lettering and design – his first artistic training – which gave him a solid grounding in colour awareness and formal structure. Peter then moved on to become art editor on a number of magazines, until finally he tired of the rat-race and set himself up as a freelance illustrator.

Wileman’s years of experience stood him in good stead and working freelance gave Peter the opportunity to concentrate on his painting, and he has produced a substantial body of highly expressive work inspired by Britain’s coves and harbours. His large-scale compositions have a painterly quality derived from the apparent vigour of the brushstrokes and the impression of spontaneous creativity, which make them both dramatic and uplifting. Peter’s work has been recognised with various awards including the Frank Herring award at the Mall Galleries in London and the Cornellisen Prize for Outstanding Work 2002.