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Kelly Jane

Born in the West Midlands in 1971, from an early age Kelly showed an individual creative flair. Following a period at Brooklyn Technical College where she studied Building Construction, Kelly embarked on a career as a civil engineer were she worked on projects such as the International Convention Centre and The National Exhibition Centre. This was followed by a position as an architectural technician with an interior design practice where Kelly was allowed to bring some of her more creative talents to the forefront, designing night clubs and social clubs for the leisure industry.

After painting as a hobby for many years Kelly made the decision to paint professionally in 1995. Her work within the fine art industry as a picture mount design specialist provided her with an invaluable insight into the industry and gave her a forum from which to sell her original work.

With such a diverse past Kelly has developed her own very distinctive style which is proving to be hugely popular with galleries and the public alike. Kelly’s original mixed media pieces show individuality and flair, and her vivid imagination, with a great eye for detail enables her to create stunning imagery from the most simple of subjects. Her use of vibrant colours with highlights of gold and that little touch of romance are a winning combination.

The phenomenal success of Kelly’s limited edition prints has assured that she has a great future as one of the country’s leading contemporary artists.

“Art is wonderful because it has no restrictions. I love being able to take an idea, blend in a range of colours and textures and create something which will give ever lasting pleasure.”